church planting


While existing churches in China and the larger congregations are particularly targeted under the current wave of persecution, it is actually a great time to start new ministries. People remain hungry for the gospel and many who no longer can worship in the registered churches are now looking to connect with these new house churches.

CBM is actively seeking out potential church planters and supporting various other church planting movements working with Chinese people. CBM identifies, screens, trains, and follows-up with qualified church planting candidates, and provides the spiritual and logistical support.


  • Sponsor a church planter

  • Connect your church to a church plant for partnership opportunities (i.e. joint summer project)

  • Be an intern on a church planting team

  • Sponsor a church plant financially (About $25000 - $30000 USD over 3 years (depending on region) to cover rent and salary)

Questions? Please contact us at info@cbmglobal.org