50plus cruise 2020

Princess Cruises: Royal Princess

Princess Cruises: Royal Princess


February 1-6, 2020

Roundtrip: Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas Departure: Port of San Pedro

The 50 plus is on the move again!

Plans are underway and details are being put in place for our 3rd Cruise. Join us on the Princess Cruises: Royal Princess for a time of renewal in the second half of our lives.

Theme: Halfway to Significance
We are on a journey of our life and we realize we are halfway there. Are we on course?
Does life have the meaning and purpose God has intended for you?
In the first half our life we discovered our gifts, developed them. What do we do at this half?
Some have succeeded and may need to learn to give them away. Some carry disappointments, wounds and need to be redeemed.

What is the best way to take time to reflect?
Change the place. Change the perspective. Change our activity. 
Sail away to a quiet place. Join others who like you are seeking His presence in the second half.