Junior High Camp 2017

Junior High Camp 2017

July 24th — 29th, 2017

Mt. Hope Bible Camp
Forbestown, California

Full week paid by 7/2 — $330
Full week paid after 7/2 — $350

Camp Theme: Rooted

Take a moment to look at the trees and plants around you. Did you know that what you see above ground is really determined by what is hidden underground? The bigger and healthier the roots are, the bigger and healthier the trees and plants are. In the same way, our faith and our walk can only be as strong as how rooted we are in Jesus Christ. He is our lifeline as the Bible says "in Him we live and move and have our being". When the winds and storms of this world assault us, we find that "He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength". So "cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you: He will never permit the righteous to be moved". Trust and put your faith in Him and say "He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken". Take root and walk in Him!

Camp Speaker: Kirk Booth

Pastor Kirk Booth is currently serving in Campbell CA with Living Hope Community Church of Silicon Valley. PK came to know Jesus when he was 20 and was immediately called to minister to teens. Joyfully, he has ministered to youth 30 years, while teaching Bible classes at a private school for 11 years, as well as coaching football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. He has instructed over 5,000 teens in God's word and, praise God, Christ has redeemed thousands. As a home school parent of Jack (19), Haley (17) and Henry (8), he and his wife Cindy have taught dozens of other home school teens. Free time is spent with books, the older the better, as well as movies, games, friends and family.

More information can be found here. Download brochure here

Please contact us at: camp@cbm-bayarea.org


Birds, Bees,
Boys, Girls

It is not uncommon for boys and girls to wonder what it would be like to be the opposite gender. Most kids go through this as a normal part of their development and should be guided by their family and community to identify with their God-given gender. How do we navigate through a world that now more and more confuses the truth? Are we how we’re born or do our feelings determine who we are? Are our identities fixed or fluid? Come find out what a loving God has said all along about who and what you are, and what healthy relationships look like.

Eeyores in a
World of Tiggers

Tiggers are happy. Eeyores are sad. Tiggers see the bright side of things. For Eeyores, everything is grey. Tiggers bounce. Eeyores drag their feet. Tiggers can’t wait for the bright light ahead. Eeyores know it’s an oncoming train. Tiggers only get more “Tiggery” when they are around people. Eeyores are always alone — even in a crowd. Are you an Eeyore or know someone who is? Do you find yourself feeling depressed about not being like the Tiggers? Come find out why the Lord God made you to be an Eeyore and how much you’re needed in this world.

Lord, Teach Us
To Pray

Most Christians pray before they eat and when they are at church, but they do not pray much otherwise. However, prayer is so much more than what we say before we eat or what we do when we are at church. It is one of the ways God gave us to worship Him and can be seen as an expression of our love for Him. Come and learn more about prayer as we explore how Jesus taught and understood it.


"Bring them to church" can often be our go-to answer for any of our friends' needs. Do they need to hear the gospel? Do they have questions about the Bible? About God? But what if instead of bringing people to church, we brought the Church to them, by living out Christ in our lives. At this workshop, we will find out what it means to be sent out by Christ on His mission to the world!

Christian Worldview
and Apologetics

Our thoughts, beliefs, and values are all being shaped by what we are taught by people in our lives. Your music, your reading, your friends, your teachers, and your family all play a part in the way that you look at and understand the world. But who has the right to establish what is right and wrong? Come and learn more about what should help understand the world around us.


Do you ever notice that unrest grips our lives because we don't know what the future holds and the influence of the evil one continues to spread? But hope remains in the victory that Jesus has already given us through His death and resurrection and ultimately will give all His people when He returns. As we struggle against the dark might of the enemy, let us awaken and mature in Christ. Jesus knows that our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak; this workshop will show you the difference between a "two-faced" Christian and a "growing" Christian. Awaken your faith in Christ! Do what our Lord calls us to do and go where He wants us to go!

Important Information

Cost: The cost includes lodging and complete meals for the designated stay of the camper. No one is to attend camp without first being registered by his or her church. Please make checks payable to the church with which you are registered.

Who: Junior High — have completed 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.

What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, Bible, notebook, pen, personal articles, recreation clothes, tennis shoes, towel, flashlight, spending monday. Temperatures during the morning and nights tend to be chilly, while days are warm. Personal audio devices, electronic games and pets are not permitted and may be confiscated.

Camp Conduct and Dress: Every camper is expected to cooperated with and follow camp rules and guidelines given by the camp staff. Campers should dress neatly and modestly. We believe that our dress should be honoring to the Lord. Please see specific quidelines in the brochure.

For more information please contact us at: camp@cbm-bayarea.org

CBM • 2278 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583 • (925) 236-0951

About Our Camps

The first Bible camp was held at Loma Mar, a Boy scout camp in 1957. It began as a ministry of Chinese Bible Church in Oakland and a way to get away from the hectic life in the city. In the early years the staff did the cooking and the campers did KP. As the camp grew it moved to Meteor Ranch at Clear Lake. As more churches were planted, the camps continued to grow. Other churches in San Francisco, Sacramento and Stockton also joined the camp program.

Today, about 450 junior and senior high school students from some 12-14 churches attend the weeklong camps resulting in the salvation and dedication of scores of precious young people. Over the years it moved from different locations, but it has held its camps at the Mt. Hope Bible camps over the past 40+ years. Starting in 2013, the Senior High Camp was moved to Mt. Gilead Bible Conference Grounds in Sebastopol, CA. The Junior High Camp continues at Mt. Hope Bible Conference Grounds in Challenge, CA.