Mission To Taiwan

Mission To Taiwan

By Shirley Wang

Wang Family: Ann, Shirley, Catherine
& Noah, Ava, and Caleb

When God put it on my heart to bring my kids on their fi rst overseas mission trip, I googled "short term international mission." Although the search yielded many reputable Christian organizations, I was not at peace with choosing any organization from the digital hat. I then prayed more specifi cally, "God I have this one week off in July from my crazy Ob/GYN practice, please open the door to THE STM that You want my young boys and I to join." Within 24 hours I had contacted and heard back from CBM that there was a one-week long STM to Taiwan leading VBS for missionary kids. The trip was being led by Peter Wang and orchestrated by Ann Lo, how happen to be my brother and sister-in-law, during the exact days I had been assigned summer vacation. You really can't get much more clear of a calling from God. As excited as I was for the trip, everyone warned me that going to Taiwan in the middle of July with young American kids was going to be fi lled with mosquito bites, sweaty faces and whiny children. But I would not be dissuaded. If God called us so clearly, it was obedience to follow, despite the naysayers.

Bible Story Time

As difficult as the trip could have been with a 6 year-old and a 9 year-old, it was smooth sailing, mostly because CBM took care of the entire teams' travel, lodging, food and set us up for a successful and well-run VBS under Ann's detailed and careful planning. CBM allowed our focus to be on preparing, praying and participating in the Vacation Bible School. God brought His international community together to worship, teach and fellowship in hopes that the kids of these Taiwan missionary families would have a taste of God's goodness and know that they were Made for HIS purpose and HIS delight. It delighted me to see them delight in His songs, His stories, His scripture-fi lled Godly play. Many missionary parents asked why we traveled 10,000 km just to lead VBS. The simple answer is that God called us and we simply answered. The longer answer is that it wasn't JUST a VBS. It was an opportunity to see God bringing hope in these families' uprooted and often-times lonely lives. It was an opportunity to take part in God's plan to fi ll a child's eyes and heart with wonder of His Doing. It was opportunity to watch my 9 year-old son struggle with his tired and sweaty fl esh versus playing tag one more time in the humid, blazing sun, because the little kids asked yet again to be chased. It was opportunity to rely on God's strength and understand what it means to mount up with wings like eagles after days of fi ghting jet lag. These and countless other reasons are why I took my two young boys on a 14 hour plane ride to help lead a VBS in the middle of a sticky Taiwanese summer with CBM. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

STM-Taipei VBS