Left Behind Children (留守儿童)

Left Behind Children (留守儿童)

The left-behind children (LBC) in China (simplified Chinese: 留守儿童; pinyin: liúshǒu'értóng) generally refer to children who remain in rural regions of China while their parents leave to work in urban areas (240 million migrant workers). In many cases, these children are taken care of by relatives, usually by grandparents or family friends, who remain in the rural regions. In 2015, left-behind children in China were estimated at 65.7 million. The lack of infrastructure and parental support has the potential to lead to a host of additional challenges for left-behind children, such as lack of quality education, physical well- being, and healthy social relationships.

CBM ministers to the Left-Behind Children through children/youth camps and parenting seminars to their caretakers.

Ways to be involved in ministering to Left-Behind Children:

  • Be a summer camp counselor for 2, 4, or 6 weeks
  • Sponsor a child to attend a week-long camp for $60 USD

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