Upcoming Projects

Church Planting

CBM is actively seeking out potential church planters and supporting various other church planting movements working with Chinese people.

Left Behind Children

CBM ministers to the Left-Behind Children through children/youth camps and parenting seminars to their caretakers.

Campus and Cafe Ministry

In Taiwan, CBM has partnered with local Christians to start outreach on university campuses through a network of cafés, a hub for both local churches and international students.

Seminary and Pastoral Training

CBM is actively seeking qualified pastors, seminary professors, and Christian counselors to join us in equipping these local Chinese leaders.


CBM is creating a Chinese-language counseling resource website, drawing together materials from various sources, to help Chinese Christians, pastors, and workers fill their ministry toolbox.

Member Care

CBM is spearheading the creation of an online platform of member care materials for missionaries from China, so they can accomplish God’s purpose for them.

The Exposure Experience

Trainee: Two-Week Project

  • Great for a first-time missions experience
  • Work alongside local staff
  • Participate in a service project
  • Learn about the Chinese culture and gain a better understand of the needs

The Engagement Experience

Apprentice: Six-Week Project

  • Share your ministry gifts
  • Work alongside local staff
  • Participate in a service project
  • Fellowship with local missionaries
  • Learn about the Chinese culture and gain a better understand of the needs

The Immersions Experience

Affiliate & Associate Members: One-Two Year Project

With no prior pastoral ministry experience:
  • Teaching English to students and adults in Asia
  • Creative business as missions opportunities
  • Be part of church planting team with prior full-time ministry experience
With prior full-time ministry experience:
  • Teach in Christian colleges and seminaries
  • Provide training and counseling to Chinese Christian leaders and missionaries
  • Partner with Local church Planting effort

Past Projects

Mission to China

We will be assisting and working alongside of local churches and their staff in their outreach ministries via an English Camp to the children and youth. You will be able to interact with many young seminarians / ministers and pastors and see what ministry looks like in China’s house church.


Mission to Taiwan

We will be assisting in the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship’s summer conference by providing childcare, children and youth programs as the missionaries in Taiwan gather for a time of rest and renewal. You will be able to interact with many missionaries to Taiwan and find out their stories.

China Short Term Missions 2018

Our China team will be hosting a 1-week project from July 14 - July 21, to help Asian Americans to get familiarized with Christian ministry in China. We will be leading games and fun activities and assist local house churches in their outreach ministries via a VBS/Day Camp.