Pastor Sen's life was an open book! Along with his wife and family, they started youth services in their three bedroom home inviting anyone hear the claims of the gospel. When we young people saw his open life along with the open Bible, we knew the claims of the gospel was genuine.  I was one of the many young people who placed their faith in Christ because of his testimony.

Pastor John Fong
Vice Principal and Chaplain
California Crosspoint Academy

My personal and ministry journey cannot be separated from the impact that CBM has made in my life both as a pastor (for nearly 30 years), and as trainer of pastors in Asia (for nearly 10 years). I've had the privilege of participating in the CBM youth camp ministry in many leadership roles and have seen the eternal influence this ministry has made on countless numbers of youth during their spiritually formative years.

As CBM embarks on a new chapter that extends globally into Asia, I wholeheartedly endorse this faith venture of partnership with Asia’s church planters and pastors.

Dr. Alan Ginn
Regional Director - Asia

If I was to think of one Christian who had the most influence on my growth as a Christian it would be Pastor Sen. Not only did I learn so much from the church, camp ministry and Bible college that CBM started, but I learned first hand what it meant to minister to others. Pastor Sen's life affected me the most. He loved his Lord and it showed in his sacrifice, witness, diligence, commitment and heart to serve Him. I appreciate Pastor Sen so much and look forward to seeing him again one day when we are all with the Lord.

Pastor Kevin Kan
Associate Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church

Pastor Sen Wong was foremost a Pastor, then a Visionary for Planting New Churches, and then a Specialist for Developing Summer Camps for Youth and Young Adults, This is a lasting legacy that remains with us today!

Rev. Alvin Louie
Retired Pastor

Camp Endorsements

Pastor Sen had such an amazing passion and fervor for the Lord - You can see it in his life and hear it in his preaching. He spent many years serving the Lord through CBM camp. And even in his latter years, as life slowed him down, he still had a great desire and passion to preach to the “young people”.

When I started directing many moons ago, we would always invite him up to preach for one night. That’s how the “special friday night speaker” came about - this was the time we gave to Pastor Sen so he can preach and share his heart with the youth. He would always ask us directors to speak on those Friday nights at camp year in and year out - because that’s how much he loved the youth.

One of my favorite memories of Pastor Sen at camp: Back in the early 90’s, the counselors and camper organized this all camp "raid" as a practical joke on the directors. After the raid, we gathered all the campers and told them to go to the chapel. The directors then decided to go get Pastor Sen and see if we can scare the kids. I remember going up to his cabin and waking him up. I told him what happened and asked him to come down and “scare” the kids. I asked him to go down there and "lecture" the kids of what they did wrong. He was still in his pajamas but he quickly changed and we marched down to the chapel. So he walks in the chapel, puts on a stern look and begins to lecture. However, I don’t think he could keep a serious look. The campers started laughing and that was the end of that. He was such a great sport. The campers respected and revered him but they also loved him. He always wanted what was best for the teenagers - to live godly lives, to love Christ more and more.

Brad Wong
Senior High Camp Director
Fellowship Bible Church

Pastor Sen Wong was my pastor, a spiritual compass and an encourager in my Christian walk. He was a stalwart of the Christian community and always challenged me to do more for the Lord through the Lord's strength. Ripples of his ministry can still be seen now and will still be seen in decades to come, as he had instilled the values of evangelism and Bible based teaching into our hearts. "Circulate and percolate", he would always say.

Stephen Wong
Junior High Camp Director
San Francisco Bible Church

Though I did not have the opportunity to be directly taught by Pastor Sen for very long, the impact of his legacy of faithfulness upon the churches that he planted is undeniable. Pastor Sen's zeal for the Gospel has been passed down to from generation to generation and this is particularly evident in the summer youth camps that he established for Jr. High and High School students nearly 60 years ago. These camps, in partnership with the local churches which Pastor Sen planted, have produced numerous church leaders and pastors who are all continuing to shepherd the flock of God among them and this is all possible because of the faithfulness of Pastor Sen to answer God's call to ministry.

Roger Jeong
Junior High Camp Director
San Francisco Bible Church

Pastor Sen was the epitome of what it meant to be a servant of God. Pastor Sen had a lifestyle of always sharing the Gospel wherever and towhoever he ran across. He didn’t even have to be mindful of his calling. It was just second nature to him. Pastor Sen was a great visionary when it came to the Summer Camps for youth. Youth had a special place in his heart. I still stand amazed at the camp ministry he started for junior high and senior high students. Many of activities and things we do nowat the camp are just and effective and pertinent to the camp ministry today as when Pastor Sen started the camps almost 70 years ago.

Terry Yee
Senior High Camp Director
Chinese Grace Bible Church